save 57 minutes a day on data collection
Get rid of long-drawn-out tasks
Every day you have to export reports from DFP, multiple header bidding partners, and a couple of tag-based SSPs, manually format excel files, and match the data by combining reports in one master file just to understand the general performance of your ad stack. Our clients used to spend on average 57 minutes a day on their reporting routine. What about you? How much time would you need to accomplish more sophisticated tasks such as analyzing SSP's performance with greater precision?
Automated data collection will save you hours a day on reporting and troubleshooting and help avoid money slipping through the cracks. With a unified programmatic reporting tool, you'll start every morning with a bird-eye view of your ad stack performance.
Before finishing your first cup of coffee, you'll know:
  • if you are on track for your monthly goals
  • if there are any unexpected revenue drops
  • what SSP is underperforming
  • which Account Manager to email
  • and more.

This information will help adjust your working schedule and prioritize daily tasks.
Save time & money on troubleshooting
Make sure you have access to the narrow view of how each demand source performs on a particular site and ad unit. This allows you to identify a drop in performance and promptly isolate its cause. The faster you troubleshoot, the less money you lose.
With ≈100 million monthly impressions
You may lose ≈$400 an hour while troubleshooting
Roxot Data Hub's labeling system allows you to match ad tags and DFP orders with sites, subdomains, ad units, and demand partners. Once the system is set up, you'll get instant access to highly segmented data.
Getting started
Most of the tools on the market require at least a month to implement. However, Roxot Data Hub allows you to integrate all your SSPs and DFP in a matter of days. The process is straight-forward but depends on your DFP setup:
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Choose data sources
Define data sources you want to connect, your sites, and ad units.
Match tags
Match SSPs ad tags with defined in the previous step sites and ad units
Enjoy your programmatic data in one place
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