A powerful, yet easy programmatic reporting tool

Aggregate data from all of your demand partners and DFP, match 3rd-party tags with your sites/ad units/orders/etc., analyze pre-build reports, manage discrepancy, and export data to excel.
Roxot Data Hub saves time at every stage
of your reporting & analytics process

Here's how you'll get an extra hour or two each day
Automatically aggregate and match your data
Roxot Data Hub is a centralized analytics and reporting platform for your ad stack: DFP, AdX, AdSense, header bidding partners, tag-based demand partners, etc. The tool provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand.
Quickly build and export custom reports
With Roxot Data Hub, you can forget about exporting reports from dozens of platforms, manually formatting them, and combining the results in one master excel file. Besides using pre-build dashboards in Roxot Data Hub, you can build your own custom reports, save presets, and export them in .csv.
Access narrow data sets in a couple clicks
Roxot Data Hub's labeling system allows you to match ad tags and DFP orders with sites, subdomains, ad units, and demand partners. Once the system is set up, you'll get instant access to highly segmented data.
Isolate causes of revenue drops without delays
Roxot Data Hub provides you with both the big picture of your ad stack performance and the narrow view of how each demand source performs on a particular ad unit. This allows you to identify a revenue drop and promptly isolate its cause. The faster you troubleshoot, the less money you lose.
Avoid revenue slipping through the cracks
Manage ad server & 3rd-party data discrepancy
Roxot Data Hub provides you with a direct comparison of the revenue reported by an SSP and the revenue generated according to DFP, highlighting any difference for you. With the daily discrepancy data at your fingertips, you will be able to minimize the number of wasted impressions and fill more inventory.
Understand the contribution of an SSP with greater precision
Daily analyze how each of your demand sources performs, compare how their contribution to your revenue has changed from yesterday, isolate the general and individual trends for the past two weeks, and what their level of discrepancy with DFP is. Before finishing your first cup of coffee, you'll know who is underperforming, who you need to QA, and which Account Manager to email.
Stay on track for your monthly goals
We all have monthly goals to achieve and to report on. But without the right prioritization you risk falling short on your goals. Track your monthly progress with Roxot Data Hub and quickly adjust your working schedule and prioritize daily tasks to concentrate on what makes the most sense at the moment.
Main Features
Aggregation from all major demand partners and ad servers
Label-based data matching
Forecasting & Progress Tracking
Automatic Discrepancy Indicators
Data Comparison With Previous Period
Data Export to .csv
Segmentation by site, ad unit, ad tag, and demand partner
Data Visualization
Prebid Analytics Integration
Monthly Data Updates for Invoicing
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